<ul><li>Nomination for the National German TV Award, 2011</li>

<li>Winner Robert-Geissendörfer Prize, 2012</li></ul>

We're Not The Only Ones

86min, HD

Documentary, 2011

A 86min feature documentary about how children were sexually abused at the Odenwaldschule over a period of three decades.

In 2010 a scandal at the Odenwaldschule, arguably the most renowned boarding school in Germany, created a media storm. Not only were there the revelations that generations of children had been systematically abused for over three decades but it also became clear that when two former victims came forward in 1999 saying that “they were not the only ones”, their claims were ignored. In his film, director Christoph Röhl, who spent two years at the school himself, tries to explore how this shocking case of abuse could happen in the first place and then how the revelations were swept under the carpet in a conspiracy of silence. He interviews teachers and former pupils but most importantly gives voice to several victims who tell their story with rarely seen honesty and candidness.


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