<b>Screenwriter, Director</b><br>
Christoph Röhl<br>
<ul><li>First Prize, VFF Young Talent Award</li><li>Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Prize, 1999</li><li>Second Prize, Short Film Section, Filmfest Ludwigsburg 1999</li><li>Audience Award, Filmfest Regensburg, 1999</li></ul>
Screenwriter, Director
Christoph Röhl



10min, 35mm

Short Film, 1998

Napoleon's life revolves around a train station in central London. Every morning, he observes a young businesswoman who arrives on a train.

He seems to know her every movement and organizes his schedule around hers. She is not aware of him... until, one day, he does something that makes her notice him.

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