Christoph Röhl grew up in a British-German family and went to school in the historical town of Lewes, East Sussex.

He studied History and German at Manchester University where he won an Erasmus scholarship and was awarded a First Class Double Honours Degree with Distinction.

As part of his studies, he spent two years tutoring at the Odenwald School, a liberal school famous for its progressive educational methods. Later, its dark history came to light when a group of former pupils revealed that they had been sexually abused by some teachers including the headmaster. Christoph Röhl made two films on this subject – “We’re Not The Only Ones” (2011) and “The Chosen Ones” (2014) – and subsequently campaigned to raise awareness of child sex abuse, collaborating with the Ministry of Education and Health in Germany and developing an online course for teachers and health personnel. For this work he was awarded the World Childhood Award.

In 1992, Röhl enrolled in the DFFB, the German Film Academy in Berlin, to study scriptwriting and directing. He was taught by tutors such as Frank Daniel, Ivan Passer, Jiri Menzel, Jim Sheridan, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Wojciech Marczewski, Dick Ross, Bela Tarr, and Michael Ballhaus. The short films he made at film school won awards at various festivals.

After a period directing TV films in the UK, he was approached by a wealthy investor to set up a film school in London. He consequently co-founded the Met Film School, which opened its doors in 2003. Located at Ealing Studios in London, it has since become the largest film school in the UK. There is also a branch in Berlin.

After 4 years running the Met Film School, Röhl returned to Berlin to make his first feature film, “A Piece of Me” (2009). Since then he has made further documentary and fiction films. His two latest films – “Kaisersturz” and “Defender of the Faith” – are due to be released in 2018.

Röhl, who also writes, prefers directing films that he has had an active role in developing.

He lives with his wife and two children in Berlin.