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Defender of the Faith

90min, HD

Feature Documentary, 2019

In 2013 Pope Benedict XVI resigned. It was the first time in 600 years that a Pope had abdicated. It was the most visible sign yet that the Church was in crisis.
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90min, HD

TV Fiction, 2018

At the end of World War I, Kaiser Wilhelm is forced to abdicate.
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The Chosen Ones a.k.a. Die Auserwählten

90min, HD

TV Fiction, 2014

A 90min TV Film about the child sex abuse scandal at the famous Odenwaldschule.
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Die Kita Frage

35min, HD

Documentary, 2012

A Documentary about the important role of creativity in Early Years Education.
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We're Not The Only Ones

86min, HD

Documentary, 2011

A 86min feature documentary about how children were sexually abused at the Odenwaldschule over a period of three decades.
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A Piece of Me

88 min, 35 mm

Feature Film, 2008

An intelligent, sensitive 16-year-old boy who is struggling to define his identity is confronted with the additional complication of becoming a father.
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Fast Learners

11min, HD

Short Film, 2006

Vicky, an attractive 17-year-old, checks her pregnancy test once again, then nervously goes looking for Neil, a boyish-looking 16-year-old, on Brighton seafront.
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Butterfly World

10min, 35mm

Short Film, 2000

Emma, a 10-year-old girl, has spent the weekend with her father. Whilst she waits for her mother to pick her up, her father receives a visitor she has never seen before:
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10min, 35mm

Short Film, 1998

Napoleon's life revolves around a train station in central London. Every morning, he observes a young businesswoman who arrives on a train.
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In Your Shoes

13min, 16mm

Short Film, 1996

A young boy suffers from always having old shoes handed down to him from his older brother. He would love to be part of his brother's gang but whenever he runs after them he gets wet feet.
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