<b>Screenwriter, Director, Editor</b><br>
Christoph Röhl<br>
<ul><li>Jury Prize, Int. Festival of Film Schools, Munich, 1995</li><li>Max-Ophüls Short Film Prize & Special Mention of the Interfilm Jury</li><li>Federal German Film Prize in Silver (German equivalent of BAFTA), 1996</li><li>Gold Plaque, Chicago Int. Film Festival, 1996</li><li>Mention Spécale du Jury, Festival du Film Court de Brest, France, 1996</li></ul>
Screenwriter, Director, Editor
Christoph Röhl


In Your Shoes

13min, 16mm

Short Film, 1996

A young boy suffers from always having old shoes handed down to him from his older brother. He would love to be part of his brother's gang but whenever he runs after them he gets wet feet.

More than anything, he dreams of visiting the voluptuous, sensual woman in the shoe shop who so lovingly measures her clients' feet. One day he steals money from his mother's cupboard and goes to the shoe shop himself...

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