Christoph Röhl<br>
Philippe Longchamp,<br>
Christoph Röhl<br>
<ul><li>Los Angeles International Short Film Festival</li>
Christoph Röhl

Philippe Longchamp,
Christoph Röhl


Fast Learners

11min, HD

Short Film, 2006

Vicky, an attractive 17-year-old, checks her pregnancy test once again, then nervously goes looking for Neil, a boyish-looking 16-year-old, on Brighton seafront.

She is about to tell him her secret but then loses her resolve. Instead she spends time with Neil and his rowdy friends. Aware that Vicky is there for a purpose, Neil hides his feelings and mucks around with his mates. Disappointed by his immature behaviour, Vicky finally leaves. Meanwhile, Neil, perplexed by Vicky's sudden disappearance, returns home and escapes from his mother by retreating to his room. Fighting his guilt and frustration, he almost sets fire to his books.

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