<ul><li>Winner of the Childhood Award, 2014</li>

<li>Nomination for the PRIX EUROPA TV Award, 2014</li>

<li>ZOOM Festival de Ficció Internacional TV, Winner Best Film, 2014</li>

<li>ZOOM Festival de Ficció Internacional TV*, Youth Jury Prize, 2014</li>

<li>Gold World Medal, New York Festivals, 2015</li>

<li>Nomination for Leon Seidel, best newcomer, German Actors Award, 2015</li>

<li>Nomination for Julia Jentsch, best TV-Actress, Jupiter Award, 2015</li>

<li>Nomination for Leon Seidel, best newcomer, Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis, 2015</li></ul>

The Chosen Ones a.k.a. Die Auserwählten

90min, HD

TV Fiction, 2014

A 90min TV Film about the child sex abuse scandal at the famous Odenwaldschule.

Full Synopsis:
In the late 1970s, the 29-year-old Petra Grust enthusiastically takes up her post as a biology teacher at the Odenwald School, a school famous for its progressive education. She is flattered by the trust placed in her by its charismatic and widely respected headmaster Simon Pistorius. But gradually certain incidents at the boarding school begin to unsettle her. Pupils and teachers of both sexes shower together in communal showers. Underaged pupils are allowed to drink alcohol and smoke and one teacher openly has a sexual relationship with a female pupil. Petra becomes aware of 13-year-old Frank who clearly has problems. She takes him under her wing but cannot work out why he is acting so strangely. Gradually her suspicions become aroused. She witnesses a teacher together with a naked boy in the nearby woods. She catches Pistorius emerging from the shower rooms, leaving behind a distressed Frank. Petra starts asking questions but her colleagues seem surprisingly disinterested. When Frank is told that he has to spend the school holiday with Pistorius, he tries to commit suicide. Little by little, Petra discovers what Pistorius is doing to Frank. She tries to tell Frank’s father (the chairman of the school’s governing body) but he choses to believe Pistorius rather than his own son. Pistorius has other powerful backers and Petra ultimately fails to make people aware of his true nature and his abuse of children. 30 years later, Frank goes to meet Petra, now a managing director, in her company offices. Since leaving the Odenwald School, she never worked as a teacher again. Frank, typically for victims of sexual abuse, has been unable to speak about the crimes committed against him. But now, after the suicide of a fellow pupil, he is no longer willing to remain silent. Nor is he willing to accept the silence of the teachers and parents who failed in their responsiblity to protect the children in their care. He wants Petra to bear witness at the school’s forthcoming anniversary celebrations.

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